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Birding the Bohart Ranch with Ted Floyd

27–28 May 2005

Ted Floyd, editor of American Birding Association’s Birding, led a Colorado Field Ornithologists' trip to the 48,000-acre Bohart Ranch located southeast of Colorado Springs. In an innovative partnership with the Colorado State Land Board, The Nature Conservancy of Colorado named an experienced and conservation-minded rancher, Dick Tanner, to sublease the Bohart Ranch. The high-quality, sand-sage prairie supports numerous grassland bird species, reptiles, a healthy prairie dog town, and a diverse array of other wildlife and it is a working cattle ranch. With the Spanish Peaks to the south and Pike's Peak to the west, the vast, open prairie is reminiscent of the state before it was settled. Below are some scenes from the ranch. Click on photos to enlarge.


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Bohart Ranch vista to the west with Pike's Peak in the background, 28 May

Bohart Ranch sand-sage prairie, 28 May

Members of the group admiring the prairie diversity, 28 May

Leader, Ted Floyd, in center spotting a target bird species, 28 May

All the birders are "on the bird," 28 May

Prairie Evening Primrose (Oenothera albicaulis), 28 May

Horned Lark, 28 May

Horned Lark, 28 May

Spiderwort (Tradescantia occidentalis), 28 May

Wild or Sand Onion (Allium textile), 28 May

Sand Verbena (Abronia fragrans) and Blue Gramma Grass (Chondrosum gracile), 28 May

Needle and Thread Grass (Stipa spp.) and Sand Sage (Oligosporus filifolius), 28 May

Narrow-leaved Penstemon (Penstemon angustifolius), 28 May

Scaled Quail from a far, 28 May

Western Kingbird, 28 May

Great Horned Owl fledglings, 28 May

Wood Pewee, 28 May

Scarlet Gaura (Gaura coccinea), 28 May

Lizard impaled on cedar branch by Loggerhead Shrike, 28 May

Another lizard impaled on tree branch by Loggerhead Shrike, 28 May

A large grasshopper impaled on tree branch by Loggerhead Shrike, 28 May

The probable culprit! Loggerhead Shrike on wire watching us inspect his/her food stash, 28 May

Live lizard nearby, 28 May

Scaled Quail from a far, 28 May

Dung Beetles at work, 28 May

Prairie Thistle (Cirsium canescens), 28 May

Prairie Thistle blossom (Cirsium canescens), 28 May

Prickly Pear Cactus (Opuntia macrorhiza), 28 May

Plains Cactus (Opuntia polyacantha), 28 May

Lark Bunting, state bird of Colorado, 28 May


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